Bundle Baby Carrier - A Truly Comfortable Sling Style Baby Carrier

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The Bundle Baby Carrier™ is an innovative, yet centuries-old, hands-free way to carry your baby. Wearing your baby promotes emotional growth for the baby as well as bonding important for your relationship with your baby. The Bundle Baby Carrier is the best, most comfortable, and most convenient means of wearing your baby, allowing you to keep your baby close, while you continue to do your normal day-to-day activities.

The Design
We have made the Bundle Baby Carrier from a cotton/hemp jersey knit fabric so it is natural, lightweight, durable, breathable, and the hemp's anti-microbial properties make it healthy as well. The Bundle Baby Carrier is available in two colors, both with a natural colored pocket in the front. The entire carrier fits into the pocket, which includes a drawstring to keep it closed, so taking the Bundle Baby Carrier with you is simple and convenient.

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How Does it Work?
The design of the Bundle Baby Carrier distributes the weight of the baby evenly throughout your torso, so the shoulders do not have to absorb all of the weight. It wraps easily around you and accommodates many different positions for your baby.

You can wear your newborn facing inward, so the feel snug and protected. Inside, they can discretely nurse, or nap, as you go about your daily business. The sturdy cotton/hemp knit fabric offers plenty of neck support. Or, you can wear your toddler facing outward so they can see the world around them, absorbing their environment.

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