Bundle Baby Carrier - A Truly Comfortable Sling Style Baby Carrier

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Hands-free Convenience Meets Hands-on Parenting

There's no substitute for physical closeness with your child. The Bundle Baby Carrier™ is a centuries-old solution that has never made more sense—a naturally comfortable way to carry and simultaneously nurture your baby. The versatility and ecological simplicity of the Bundle Baby Carrier makes it the natural choice.

The Bundle Baby Carrier's design distributes weight evenly throughout your torso, so your shoulders do not have to absorb all of the weight. It wraps easily around you and accommodates several positions for baby, whose weight is also comfortably dispersed, whether a newborn or beyond thirty pounds.

It's easy to master and well worth any effort. The result is comfortable and freeing for you, supportive and nurturing for baby.

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Wear your newborn facing inward. Go about your daily business, and your bundle of joy goes about hers—napping or discretely nursing—snug and protected. Or, you can wear your toddler facing outward so she can see the world around her, absorbing her environment.

The Bundle Baby Carrier's organically-grown cotton/hemp jersey knit fabric makes it amazingly durable, yet still lightweight and breathable. Hemp's anti-microbial properties make it a healthier carrier, and its self-storage pocket makes it easy to take anywhere.

Why let any time with your baby become an obstacle to her development? When you carry your baby in a Bundle Baby Carrier, she is not just tagging along, she is learning, growing, bonding with you. Remove barriers. Live sustainably. And make the most of every minute with your growing child.